Easy WIFI Smart Plug
Easy WIFI Smart Plug
Easy WIFI Smart Plug
Easy WIFI Smart Plug
Easy WIFI Smart Plug
Easy WIFI Smart Plug
Easy WIFI Smart Plug

Easy WIFI Smart Plug

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 Remote ON/OFF, Timer, Countdown...

 What is a Smart Plug?

It is a perfect way to jumpstart your connected home. It is a simple device where you can plug into any outlet and gives you the control whatever is plugged into it through connecting to IOS or Android System.
Wifi Smart Plug, you can easily turn on and off the device whenever you wanted to, you can also create schedules for home devices and it is a great way to make your home smarter.
    1. Remote powering on/ off, smart timing To control your home electric appliances at any time and anywhere. Control the Smart Plug through connecting to your smartphone whether IOS or Android System.
    2. Time Setup Make plans and set a specific time to make it convenient to turn on/ off home electric appliances automatically in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, which helps save more power.
    3. Alexa audio control/ plug and play This smart socket is able to audio control through coordinating with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show. For easy and convenient operation, you may download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store through scanning the QR code.
    4. Smart grouping control/ real-time monitoring anomaly This product is power-saving and safe, which is able to reduce devices of wasting electricity, while effectively preventing the heat caused by the excessive power consumption of high power equipment to lengthen the service life of devices.
  • Rated voltage:110- 240V
  • Rated current: Maximum 10A
  • AC frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Standard of wireless: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g /n
  • Maximum power: 220V: 2200W; 110V: 1100W 


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