Silicone Net Strainer
Silicone Net Strainer
Silicone Net Strainer
Silicone Net Strainer

Silicone Net Strainer

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Draining food such as salads, veggies, and pasta, are never been so easy. Starting today, replace your bulky salad spinners with this flexible silicone net. Its flexibility allows adapting to almost all standard sized plates and pots smaller than 27cm in diameter. This multifunctional utensil can also be used for defrosting food.

Heat resistant can be placed directly on top of a hot pot for draining or used in the microwave or oven to speed up the defrosting process.


  • Made of food-safe silicone. Won't break like glass and doesn’t rust like metals.
  • Defrosting net stretches over an average size dinner plate suspending the food slightly above the plate so liquid will drip through. Super practical.
  • Defrost in a healthy and hygienic way. silicone repels water and germs so, apart from easy maintenance, it guarantees maximum food hygiene and safety.
  • Food Strainer. Hold the net over a bowl to strain salads, fruits, and other foods.
  • Foldable for easy storage. Can easily fold and store the products without deforming them, space saving.
  • Dishwasher safe.
    • Size:27.5 x 17.5cm / 10.8" x 6.88"

    Package Include:
    • 1Pc Silicone Food Strainer


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