Magic Earring Lifter
Magic Earring Lifter
Magic Earring Lifter

Magic Earring Lifter

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If you ever notice that your earrings are not sitting upright where you think it should, you probably need our Magic Earring Lifter. It safely secures your earrings to your ear lobe, and allow them to lift to make them look the best. Feel more beautiful and even more confident.

  • Perfect for bad piercings, stretched lobes and heavy earrings
  • Great for securing heavy earrings
  • Designed to be comfortable & secure
  • Simply slide the earring post into the Magic Earring Lifter, just like any earring back
  • Hypoallergenic & non-irritating
  • Adjusts to fit all post earrings
  • Made of Sterling Silver or 18K Gold Plated

How to Use:
  1. Make sure the heart is facing upwards
  2. Slide the post of your earring in as you would with any earring back (Tighten or loosen as needed to fit your earring)
  3. Wear your earrings with confidence

Let yourself use all your favorite earrings once again (and gain new ones along the way, of course)! With these innovative earring backs, you won’t have to worry about your earrings coming off while you’re out and about, or you can be more confident with wearing those heavy but glamorous earrings, so what are you waiting for?

Package Includes:
  • 2 pairs of Magic Earring Lifter (1 x Sterling Silver & 1 x 18K Gold Plated)

                              Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order