LED Eyelashes
LED Eyelashes
LED Eyelashes
LED Eyelashes
LED Eyelashes

LED Eyelashes

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Sometimes you see a product and you’re like “Wow, that’s so futuristic.” Then you remember you’re living in 2017, 20 years after the date that a sentient AI wiped out most of humanity in the original Terminator movie, and you think: “Huh, maybe we’re living in the future already.” So it is with these amazing LED eyelashes!

You might think mascara does a pretty good job of enhancing the eyelashes, really puts them in the spotlight. Essentially just a small LED strip and connected to a small motion-sensing controller located at the back of your head, Led eyelashes brings eyebrow enhancement into the 21st century.


→ UNISEX FLASHES INTERACTIVE - Color change with the music rhythm automatically, shinning up on the party right now!

→ EASIER – Controller is with silicone adjustable ear-hook, so easy to wear it on ear in one seconds, no need hair clip on head back.

→ SAFE – Controller is in well sealed white plastic cover, low power consumption, low electricity, no heating up.

→ LIGHTWEIGHT – 15 gram makes you feel nothing when wearing them, dance freely, have fun easily.

→ LONG-LAST – Battery lifespan is over 100hrs, LED chip lifespan is 5-10years.

→ SHINING – With 6 flash modes, the led eyelashes itself is shinning enough, no need to mention, it’s on your face and make you look cool and amazing.

  • Model Number: Magnetic LED Eyelashes
  • False Eyelashes Length: under 0.5cm

Package includes:

*1 x 2pcs Eyelash Tapes and 1pc Control Board.(Button battery Included)

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order