Kitty Self Groomer
Kitty Self Groomer
Kitty Self Groomer
Kitty Self Groomer
Kitty Self Groomer

Kitty Self Groomer

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This Kitty Self Groomer with Catnip lets cats take control of their petting schedule by giving them a place to rub against any time they want. The plastic bristles simultaneously remove loose hair and before it's shed and stimulate the skin to keep the coat healthy and clean. Adhesive strips let you mount the Self Groomer anywhere your best buddy would like. And we haven't even mentioned the included catnip! One spray and your friend will be purring and grooming so much she may not even hear the can opener in the kitchen.

  • Adhesive backing allows placement anywhere, perfect for walls and corners.
  • Plastic bristles remove loose hair meaning there's less around your home. The act of rubbing gives your kitty a gentle massage that they'll love.
  • Brush can be snapped out of the frame for easy cleaning. Simply hand wash with natural soap containing no chemicals and you're good to go!
  • Catnip included. Simply sprinkle some Canadian catnip on the inner compartment that will entice your furry friend to brush themselves.
  • Since your cat grooms themselves it's the perfect way to achieve that always groomed look.

Package Included:
  • 1 x Durable brush with catnip compartment
  • 1 x Holder
  • 4 x Adhesive strips
  • Canadian catnip herb


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