Innovative Knitting/Weaving Loom
Innovative Knitting/Weaving Loom
Innovative Knitting/Weaving Loom
Innovative Knitting/Weaving Loom

Innovative Knitting/Weaving Loom

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With this Innovative Knitting/Weaving Loom, you'll be able to knit and weave faster than you've ever been able to before. Weaving’s always been a fun craft. This ingenious loom design with spinning pegs makes it surprisingly fast and simple. It’s super easy to set up, too. Say goodbye to traditional looms, we’re putting a new spin on weaving!
Grabbing Innovative Knitting/Weaving Loom means you'll be able to weave anything from small purses to large complex projects as gifts for yourself or loved ones easily and mistake-free!
You're not just limited to scarf. This bad boy has SO MANY things you can create, with so many beautiful possibilities. It helps you speed up the process and make weaving super simple! You'll be able to continue your projects without worrying about mistakes since the Innovative Knitting/Weaving Loom will hold your project in place. 
Things you can make are small purses, cell phone cases, scarves, skirts, cuff bracelets, headbands, baskets, pillow covers, throws, potholders, placemats, rugs.. the list goes on and on!


  • DESIGN - An ingenious, award-winning new loom design with spinning pegs that speeds up the weaving process while keeping it super simple.

  • VERSATILITY - Weave anything from small phone cases to huge rugs. The EasyScarf's got your back.

  • VARIABILITY - Weave items of any length! You can weave up to 7" wide with one loom, or connect two or more looms together to weave wider items with no seams.. genius!

  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - The things you can do with this device are endless. We'll let you experience it for yourself :)

1 x Base Holder
15 x Knitting Needles 

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